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Napoli c'è - 2018 Artist Prize

For the 16th edition of the Prize "Napoli c'è", the musician Antonio Fresa has been awarded for: His art of pianist and Composer that has led him to a year full of success; for his ability as conductor at Festival di Sanremo 2018; as composer and arranger of a very well appreciated album "Maredentro" of the singer songwriter Bungaro; for having been nominated as best score 2018, both at David di Donatello and Nastri d'Argento, for the movie soundtrack Cinderella the Cat; for the soundtrack of the short animation film "Goodbye Marilyn" , opening of Giornata degli Autori at Festical del Cinema di Venezia 2018; for having created, along with Fabrizio Fiore, the music album Napoli Files, a contemporary re-work of Neapolitan songs.

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